Black Saint

Represented by
Obi Asika
Jack Clark

Black Saint aren’t like other most dance acts crafting floor fillers — this London trio actually have something to say. Take the trio’s 2016 debut single “Could You Love Me?” — a unique cross-genre pollination between RnB, house, U.K. garage and pop. Its beat is irresistible, but it’s also that rare dancefloor smash which stands for something — with a video, lensed by acclaimed director Josh Cole, which shines a light on the Romani communities of the U.K. In a conflicted world, this message has rarely felt so urgent.

Black Saint are three passionate musicians who bring a plethora of influences and skills to the table. Glasgow-raised Justin Osuji draws from his past as a Virgin-signed solo artist and his Grammy-nominated production work for the likes of Faith Evans and Kimbra. Meanwhile, lifelong friends Jermaine Davis and David James channel the pulse of London nightlife and soundsystem culture, putting a fresh twist on the sounds that soundtracked a generation of clubbers. Together they create sonic alchemy, with 2016 house banger “Could You Love Me?” — featuring an incandescent hook from U.S. R&B artist Marcus Cooper — already racking up over 10 million streams online. The act have since gone on to continue the relationship with Warner Bros and release the follow up single “Never Did This Before”.