Erin Budina

Represented by
Myles Jessop (Agent)

Erin Budina is an influencer/ personality/ business owner – turned music artist. Erin has amassed a following online of over 300K and receives high engagement on her content. Her large audience has allowed a certain buzz to be created around Erin’s music career and what she has to offer.
As a music artist, Erin embodies the strong, independent, sexy female who is fearless and holds nothing back when it comes to bringing honesty to her music. She’s controversial and pushes boundaries with her lyrics. Taking inspiration from the likes of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, Erin brings a unique approach to the UK rap industry with her risqué lyrics and overtly sexy image.
Born and raised in Cowbridge, South Wales, Erin had a rural upbringing before moving to Miami aged 20 and finally settling in London 3 years ago. Entering into the industry as a female rap artist, there are no ceilings for Erin. As a marketing platform, her music and image are a potentially huge tool in reaching a worldwide audience.
Erin’s debut track ‘Groupie’ is a celebration of strong/ independent women, reversing the role of the term ‘groupie’ which is typically applied to females. The track was premiered on Charlie Sloth’s UK Rap Show on BBC Radio 1/ 1xtra, and within 24 hours of its release reached No.10 on the iTunes Hip Hop Chart. In addition, Spotify added the track to their ‘Rap UK’ playlist, gaining it further exposure.
The video for ‘Groupie’ has significant potential to make an impact across the music industry and attract large viewing numbers. As an extension to the track, the video introduces Erin visually as a rapper, supported by her close group of female friends who, in addition, are all influencers online.
Her #pengame2 challenge posted on instagram (@Erin_Budina) was viewed over 180K times in just 3 days, which has sparked further anticipation around the release of the visuals for ‘Groupie’.
This is just a taster of Erin’s potential. With more content already in her back pocket, Erin is ready to take the music industry by storm… and with a point to prove!