Le Malls

Represented by
Obi Asika
Myles Jessop

French born producer Le Malls may not be on your radar yet but he will be. This seventeen year old’s evocative yet unique style of music is dif cult to classify into one genre. After four years of constantly crafting his production skills he has developed a recognizable signature sound.

Le Malls is what some would call a musical prodigy. He started producing music at the young age of thirteen from his bedroom. His admira on for music has been something that he remembers from childhood. Le Malls realized that crea ng music that was deep, rich, and emo onally moving was a fundamental part of his life.

Another major contribu on to his success is his drive and work ethic. He realizes that discipline equals success. When the me comes to get in the zone crea vely, he takes it seriously, and doesn’t let distrac ons like texts and social media interfere. Le Malls makes sure not to forget to hang with his friends and family because “its all about balance.”

Regardless of what trends have come and gone in his young age, he has cra ed his own experimental style. Le Malls debut release “R&G” via Trap na on / Lowly palace was an incredible success with over 4 million streams within one month of it’s release. Music lovers cannot get enough of the rising build up, intoxica ng vocals, and diverse genres crushing down into one epic dal wave of anthemic sounds.

With this mixed spectrum of musical in uence, the hybrids of chill trap, future bass, indie rock, and big band will resonate with your spirit and leave you with goosebumps.