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Jack Clark

Regarded as one of the rawest crews in UK rap, 67 from Brixton Hill, have become infamous in a short space of time, gatecrashing UK music’s commercial landscape and gaining a mass following online that is evident by their YouTube view count soaring in to the millions on each of their video releases and tens of thousands of followers cumulatively across their social networks.

Consisting of 6 members; Dimzy, LD, Monkey, ASAP, Liquez and SJ, 67 are the self-professed UK Drillaz. Taking influence from Chicago drill, trap, grime and rap, the results are an amalgamation of menacing music that use a plethora of inventive allusions to reflect on road life.

Aged between 19 and 24 years old, the musicians orignally met at a local youth centre where they made music together and honed their writing and rapping talents. As they devleoped in to a recognised movement they awarded themselves with a name to represent the area in which they came from, and chose their local telephone prefix code ‘67’.

Their first official release as a collective was a mixtape of the same name entitled ‘67’ on the 29th January 2015. The tape became an overnight success gaining attention from media and fellow musicians as the previously unheard group rose to the top of the iTunes hip-hop chart and maintained its position there for numerous months, continuing to appear within the top 50 up until the current day. Later that year, on September 25th 2016, 67 released their second mixtape ‘In Skengs We Trust’, which affirmed their previous success by topping the iTunes hip-hop chart once again and adding a new wave of supporters to their quickly expanding fanbase.

As the attention and the support rapidly increased, so did the urgency to find out more about the gamechanging crew. Earlier records that had remained largely undiscovered until this point, such as ‘Live Corn’ from Scribz, ‘Skeng Man’, ‘Today’ and ‘Take it There’ all began to quickly gain support, resulting in millions of views per video online. As their profile grew, they began to take bookings throughout the country, travelling to Manchester and Birmingham to perform.

One of the most pivitol points for 67 came in late February 2016 upon the release of their video via Link Up TV for ‘Let’s Lurk’, featuring UK rap royalty Giggs. The video marked a new era for the crew as well as the progression of UK music via an unprecedented amount of support from their contemporaries and media platforms, including Complex Magazine who wrote an in-depth introduction on the crew for their readers. The track would be the catalyst to produce their third official mixtape and would also act as the title for the release.

On the 02nd August, 2016, 67 announced the release date of both ‘Let’s Lurk’, an 18-track mixtape that would be available on the 09th September alongside their first official UK tour that would see the crew perform in Bristol, Leeds, Brighton, London, Birmingham and Manchester over the last week in September. To coincide with the announcements, the Vice Network’s i.D magazine premiered the first unheard track from the tape, ‘5am’ via Soundcloud and an online feature.